There are many videos about chess, even more books and even more games.There is no time to go through all of that material in many lifetimes. For a player that wants to improve it’s very important to learn exactly what  is needed in order to eliminate the weaknesses in one’s games.

This is why having a coach enables aspiring chess players to evolve rapidly.

Before I start working with a new student I always see his last 10 or 20 games. By analyzing the student’s games I see his/hers level of play, strengths and weaknesses. This is very important so that we can create a plan for future work.  I can not promise immediate results or gaining 100+ ELO points in a short period. No one can. The results do not depend only on the work done, but also on many other factors. Fighting spirit, psychology and physical preparation are also very important.  What I can promise is step by step improvement of your play level and the results will follow.

Since I started playing chess 20 years ago I was learning from Russian chess school materials. Upon following-up and improving on these chess programs as an Assistant Coach at my Chess School I have remained faithful to these Russian training methods and I am using them presently with my students.

The materials are divided in categories for players on different levels.Starting from beginners to more advanced players (IV-category, III- category, II-category and I-category players). Every book has specifically designed lessons that cover different areas in a chess game. No student is the same. Everyone has different weaknesses. My task is to find the flaws in a student’s play and to choose the most useful lessons.

At the start of every lesson we check the solutions for the exercises that were given on the previous lesson. Lessons are interactive, during the lesson I ask the student to find the best move in a particular position, to find a good plan or to evaluate the position. That way I am able to  realize the way a student thinks and am trying to improve his/hers thinking process.

Besides these types of lessons I also offer:

  • Sparring with analysis:  We play a game online, and then we analyze it. I recommend this as a first lesson because it enables me to see your level of play, find your weaknesses, and then you can assess the way I explain different variations, evaluations and plans.

  • Analysis of your game: You send me a game that you have played and I return it analyzed by me in *.pgn format. For this analysis I use a chess engine, but my comments are more textual with ideas and plans. In the reply mail I write the weaknesses that I was able to see while analyzing your game.

  • Tournament preparation: Before your game I analyze your opponent. I see his weaknesses and strengths. I see which openings he likes to play and where he does not feel comfortable. Then, we discuss which is the most appropriate opening line that is most unpleasant for your opponent.

If  you have any other particular requests, a specific question or doubts about your play style feel free to ask. I am always here to help by giving valuable advice to all of my students.

Change the way you play chess.
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