My teaching experience started as a assistant coach in the chess school where I started learning chess. Being one of the strongest students in that chess school, my coach asked me to assist him with the youngest chess talents. The reason for teaching while still being a student in the same chess club was, as my coach said, " In order to be sure that you know something you need to be able to explain it to a beginner". I began teaching online in 2013 and since then I have had more than 50 students from all around the world.

Nowadays there are many chess books, many chess videos, chess programs and lot of other chess related materials. It is impossible to learn and memorize all that information in a lifetime. That is why the chess player needs to know exactly what to learn and how to learn it. This is where a private chess coach can help a lot.

No student is the same, even though being on the same level or have the similar amount of rating points. Before I start working with a new student I ask him to analyze his latest 20 tournament games. I need to see not only what he played but what he thought during the game. In that way we can both see the weaknesses and the areas that need improvement. Only then we can determine the right material and a program for work in order to eliminate the weaknesses.
The lessons are interactive, in a new position I first ask the student to find the best move after some thinking time, I tell him the right continuation. I believe that this is the best way to learn and remember a new topic. After every lesson I send homework exercises which we go over together in the beginning of the next lesson. If the student is more ambitious I give him more exercises and materials from which he can study in his spare time.

My focus is in the middle game and endgame which I think are the most important parts of a chess game. I can help a student in the process of thinking during the game, time management, preparation before the game, opening repertoire (which should be according to players tastes and style). I can also help in developing logical thinking and psychology which are very important aspects of chess.

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